Not another clichè friendship.

​Among the many beauties of life, there is one that makes me giddy when I think of it and lonely when it slips my mind. 


The concept of friendship has carried a great deal of clichè associations for centuries. The idea that people can engage on such a level that they share jokes only they can understand, or that they prefer to confide in only one another even though they may be surrounded by so many individuals, is just mind boggling.

Today, I want to share a special friendship of mine with you. This friendship goes beyond the clichè boundaries, it transgresses nearly all the social barriers put forth by us, as modern members of society. This friendship, is perfect.

Or so I think, anyway.

It started a long ime ago and to be fair it wasn’t all at once, so I cannot place a date on it. Nonetheless, it is timeless. It, being the friendship, of course.
It consists of 5 gorgeous, smart and talented women… and then myself.

 These gorgeous women, they mean the world to me. And in all honesty, I know that it’s a mutual feeling. A mutual bond of love expressed through so many ways that sometimes, the idea gets lost.

Just this past weekend we all gathered to celebrate our 6th year of friendship (it’s been longer, I’m sure) and if you’d like me to tell you how we played fun games together, built a fort and laughed till we couldn’t breathe, I could. But I could also tell you about how we bossed each other around on the phone, just so that a simple meal could be ordered. I could also tell you how we banged on the bathroom door and threatened to leave, because one of us was taking too long to get ready. I could tell you about how we bickered about the simplest thing which resulted in one of us sleeping outside of the fort.


Remember when I said we express our love in so many ways that the idea usually gets lost?

Time has ripped the innocence from our friendship, the polite demeanour that made us smile when we just met, knowing that this wasn’t an ordinary type of friendship.

However, don’t let me give you the wrong impression. We are not JUST our fights. In fact, we are not JUST our joyous moments either. We are a hurricane of emotions, a storm of memories and a force to be reckoned with.

Of course, we fight. If you’re part of a friendship and you don’t, you haven’t reached this level of comfort yet.

I say comfort, yet it’s a bond that has torn me from my comfort zone and placed me in the middle of a group of people, vulnerable. They know all my secrets, my dreams, my hopes.. my fears. And if this didn’t make you gulp audibly in discomfort, the power of this situation has not yet had its impact on you.

Regardless, I said this friendship was perfect, didn’t I? And I’m not trying to sound clichè by using the age-old line, “It’s perfect in its imperfections,” but it really is something along those lines.

If this weekend had gone by and had ended up just being us, being super friendly and well mannered to one another, it would not have been as impacting, unforgettable and stupendous as it was.

I love them. I don’t say it.

Well, not enough anyway.

But they know.

And that’s the beauty.


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