What is up.

You know how sometimes you read certain things and it just inspires you to write? Like you have no idea what you want to write about but you also want to sound poetic, and radiant and just bloody lyrical as specific words do make people sound.



Annoyingly enough, this happens to me all the time. I’ve just got so much going on in my head and I often feel inspired to write about it all, but dang it! Where to begin? What to focus on? As you can tell with this little aimless rant, I am in this mood again. And it honestly sucks, because I think writing would be a sort of outlet for me if I didn’t struggle this much to set my mind to my ink –or typing, but whatever.


I started this blog sometime last year specifically about med school and you know, it was going great until I realized that med school is NOT my life. Shocker!


I also care deeply about other things and sometimes I need to write about that as well. Your career or proposed career path does not define you. I am not just a medical student – despite what my Health Practitioner’s Council of South Africa certificate says. I am also an adolescent (with numerous adolescent crises!), a daughter, an older sister, a friend to some amazing people and heck, someone who just wants to rant about the struggles of trying to get my driver’s license.


So despite the fact that this blog was initially just for what med school is like, I am now in the process of changing it. This is now about what my life is like, and about all the experiences I want to share with you. I know I’ve been MIA for like a solid year, but trust me, I’ve been battling with myself on what to actually post here. So bear with me. I might disappear again and maybe make a grand appearance every few weeks or months, but right now I can honestly say that I’m trying.

It’s also now 11pm at night and I have class at 8am tomorrow then hospital at 12pm (which I didn’t prepare for…yet!) so I really need to get to bed.


Thank you for being patient with me if you’ve actually bothered to check my blog in these passing months. I honestly do appreciate it.

To those from Germany and the United States, I see you reading my posts.

🙂 Thanks!


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