(I want to cut people… but like legally, of course)

In light of my current procrastinating dilemma, I thought I might as well drop in and ramble a bit about absolute nonsense.

Sooo… yeah. It’s been some time, hey. And while I’m sure the rest of the world has been up to more productive things, I can assure you, I HAVE NOT.

It was winter break, or June holidays, as it’s colloquially known here in South Africa and I slept for all of 3 weeks. Yes, I am proud. C’mon. Sleep is a necessity. And indulging in a need when you have nothing better to do can’t be that wrong, right?

*death stares you until you agree*

And in my defence, I worked the next 3 weeks. So I wasn’t a complete lazy slob, okay. I was just saving energy for when I’d need it.


So as I was saying, I worked. As in, I finally attempted to engage in the world of AdultI drew up invoices, did filing, answered the phone (quite professionally, might I add) and even did some admin.

*shudders inwardly*


I’m not going to bash the entire world of business based on my very terrible, very tedious, very very BAD experience of working in an office, BUT how do you do it?

I take my hat off to each and every single one of you. You deserve an award. While so much light is drawn to and attention is given to the medical world – my family still gets excited to tell people what I’m studying, *sigh* – I just want to say to the business people out there, YOU GUYS ARE THE REAL MVP’s.

Thank you for existing, because I cannot even secretary – let alone business, for that matter.

I can however, pronounce really big words that either mean you’re dying or you’re not… so there’s that.


On the bright side, it’s a new week (there is absolutely nothing bright about this) and another opportunity for me start afresh and actually study as the work is given to me. (lol, as if.)


Yay life.


PS. It’s a bit early for this decision to even be under consideration, but if I should specialize one day, Surgery or Forensic Pathology? (I want to cut people… but like legally, of course)

Haha, this post was pointless. Goodbye.


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