A sense of scientific humor.

The jokers of med school are what really keep me going sometimes. You don’t expect to find them there, but there are tons of them. All with a brilliant, thought out, sense of humor.

And I mean, I don’t laugh easily. If you start with a knock-knock joke, and expect me to be entertained, you got another thing coming bro.
Go work on that joke, and come back to me when it’s funny. *waves pointing finger around sassily in your face*

I mean, I don’t particularly have a great sense of humor, but I KNOW IT. I will not try and make awkward jokes around people and hope to get a laugh or even a shadow of a smile. Oh no, girlfriend. I leave that up to the people who are actually good at it.

So like I was saying, med school is filled with all these brilliant jokers who make my days a lot more bearable. And while the average person might not find their jokes funny, any person who has had a taste of Biology or Chemistry in high school will find them hilarious!
And what’s even more fantastic is that they drop these jokes so obliviously. We’d be in conversation and someone would suddenly insult another person, and they’d be like, “Damn! You need some aloe vera for that buuuurrn.” or when referring to a good looking male, “Wow, mitosis did him so well!”

They seem like such lame jokes, now that I’m actually putting it out there…

.. But I think they’re genius.
Science jokes will never go out of style.

*cue Taylor Swift’s “Style” playing in the background*

Again I say, you probably wouldn’t agree if you do not enjoy the art of science. See what I did there? Art? Science?

No? Haha, okay.
*stops trying to be funny* *world praises the Lord above*

I have a few personal favorites of course, like..




Not forgetting…


Maybe these jokes are actually lame and I just find them amusing, because I’m depressed (I’m kidding, don’t judge me). But I’m sure that there are more of you depressed souls out there who appreciates science like I do.

So yeah, that’s what floats my boat.

And in the spirit of the urogenital practical I did the other day, I was going to make a vaginal joke now… but I’m afraid you’ll ovaryact.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.


Okay I’m leaving with my terrible sense of humor and all.

Peace out.



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