Because Oreos are as good as a vacation :)

Autumn Break.
Apparently, it only exists in the first year of a Med student’s career. So we should make the most of it, right? Before it’s nothing but a sad, sad memory, you know.

By making the most of it, I mean staying in bed and catching up on series, of course.
Time is something we don’t have in med school. We don’t have time to socialize, we don’t have time to party. We don’t even have time to catch the latest episode of our favorite series. Unless it’s going to help us pass the exam, of course.

Which by the way, is so weird. Last week in my Personal and Professional Development class, we watched an episode of House.

Not for fun. No. 

Because we actually have an assignment on it.
An assignment based on a TV show.

Hello? First you make sure we have no lives, so that we know. This is it.
Then you give us an assignment on House?

How are we supposed to understand this?

Is someone playing a joke on us?

But all confusion aside, this week off has been great. Easter happened, so lots of chocolate (stashed away for when tests start up and all nighters need to happen).

And also, it’s nearly Winter!!

Okay, I actually hate Winter. But this heat has been killing me. Seriously, Cape Town has no chill when it comes to weather. For the first time in history, I’m actually looking forward to some rain, an icy breeze and even a little bit of snow (it never snows in Cape Town, but hey, miracles do happen).


Also, I hope you’re all doing crazy things like this.
Whenever you can.
Because honestly?
Oreos are as good as a vacation!

And if anyone tells you otherwise? Give them an Oreo too:)

So yeah. Monday it’s back to square one. Might as well make the most of it while it lasts.


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