All I’m saying is, COME PREPARED.

Cramming. According to Wikipedia, it is the practice of working intensively to absorb large volumes of informational material in short amounts of time. In med school? It’s survival.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Cramming isn’t something that alllll students in med school do. I mean, majority of us have been chosen to be here for our supposed ‘smartness’. Our supposed capability to plan well, make the right academic decisions, and study well in advanced for a test. Yeah, well … not so much.

I guess our argument is that we’re in university. We want to have fun too. We can’t be around our books ALL day. It’s bound to get monotonous sooner rather than later. Truth for me is, I’m just a bad studier. Is that a word? No? Oh well. You know what I mean (I hope).

I sometimes feel like “What the hell are you doing here?” or “Why couldn’t you just be plain and simple and become a teacher, or a cook or a hairdresser or something?”. Life would definitely have been a whole lot simpler. Not that I’m saying those professions are silly, or worthless. It’s just that, we (med students) have to be taught how to save someone’s life. How to make the right, medical and ethical decisions in a split second because a human life or lives might be at stake.

That is not easy. Okay.

Let me just tell you that.

When I’m not stressing for a test, I really do enjoy what I’m being taught. But jeez…


I need to catch my breath, people. My breath, a power nap of at least 8 hours, some decent food-and not the garbage I’ve ended up eating for the last month- and just a little chill time.

And yes, I’m complaining as if I’ve been doing this forever. Well, no. It’s only been 3 months.

Now, don’t let me discourage you from coming to med school. You want to be a doctor? Great stuff! You want to save lives? Make them kiddies better? Fantastic.

All I’m saying is. BE PREPARED.

Mentally and physically. Don’t waltz into this as blindly as I did.

Although, even if you come prepared, I can guarantee you, one time or another, you’ll still end up cramming anyway. Whether you like it or not.Memory-300x292

Like I said, it’s survival.


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