Well, well, well. A blog, you say.

Hiiiii lovely bloggers or bloggees (ya’know, if you’re just a reader). I’m not even sure if there’s any particular format for blogging, but mind you, I wouldn’t abide by it anyway. Life does that to you hey. Draws out the very depths of your law-abiding-ness and tempts you to the dark side of rebellion. Mwaahaaaaahaaaa….. oh wait.. am I the only one?




No need for the awkward silence.


Anyway, as I am new to this, I’m not sure whether it is even acceptable for me to be rambling like this, but yeah. That’s exactly what I plan to do. You’re welcome to stay and let me entertain ya’ *nudge nudge wink wink* haha, or just leave me here to pretend someone’s even listening (no guilt intended). Either way, I’m happy.. well, kinda.

So yeah, hopefully my next post will be less awkward and a bit more informative on what I actually intend to do here-besides ramble. Life as a med student has its ups and (drastic) downs-and I’ve only been one for about 3 months- and I guess I want to share it with you all. It get’s pretty intense sometimes.


I said sometimes.

No expectations.


Haha, if you’ve actually read this, thank you.


(I’m kidding, I’m broke and need my share of 5 million dollars first)


But really, thank you. I hope this doesn’t just die out for me and that I’ll actually post now and again. When procrastination strikes, ya’know.


Haha, stay well everyone.

And in the words of Sheldon Cooper – :”If there’s an apocalypse during the night, good luck.” #IProbablyQuotedThatWrongrose



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